Welcome to an organized assessment environment where planning solutions or competing projects are measured up and compared through selected performance, risk and cost metrics.


A unique planning framework

Compare all your projects, using the widest choice of metrics, over any time horizon.


All analysis data in one place

An integration platform for all your relevant IAM data. Bring them all here for your analyses to share and compare.

State of the art failure analysis

Mine through your work orders data and extract vital predictions, using some of the best available statistical analysis models, including LEYP.

Failure Analysis

3D – a new angle

A nex-gen 3D stage for your data, networks and analyses to shine from any viewpoint.


Best PI libraries

The leading libraries of performance indicators for infrastructure asset management of urban water services are here – IWA PI, CARE-W/CARE-S, etc.

Multi platform by design

It runs in your browser, wherever you open it – your laptop or tablet, Windows, Mac, Linux or any other OS. And forget installs, you always have the latest version.


Multi User

On the web, on a private cloud, on your enterprise server or on your local deployment, as many users as you want - inside a common, safe environment.

Any maps

Overlay your figures and infrastructures on any maps: Google, Bing, OpensStreetMaps, you name it. Or your own maps.


Integrated network simulation

Complete Java re-write and implementation of the Epanet standard. It offers the full network modeling functionality, performing hydraulic and water-quality extended-period simulation on .INP standard model files.



The pro-active infrastructure asset management approach developed in the AWARE-P project is a broad management and engineering process aiming at alignment of objectives and targets, as well as effective feedback across the various decisional levels – strategic, tactical, operational.

The IAM process is fundamentally led by the stated objectives – and by an educated choice of assessment criteria, well-chosen metrics and quantifiable targets. Based on the simple notion that every investment in a system, or any change to the way it is managed, will most probably impact not just one, but all three of the dimensions involved – performance, risk and cost – through the planning horizon and beyond, the AWARE-P approach provides an unbiased and quantified framework for organizing the task of generating, comparing and selecting alternatives for system improvement.

The AWARE-P IAM planning software makes available a coherent set of user-configurable assessment models related to performance, cost and risk, which are used to evaluate user-defined alternative system modifications, planning solutions or competing projects, over a given analysis period. Based on given planning objectives and measuring criteria, the user selects a set of metrics from the software’s metrics portfolio and proceeds to evaluate each planning alternative at the selected time frames within the planning and analysis horizons, feeding a cubic space of planning results.

The software’s tools may also be used in stand-alone, direct assessment mode for the fastest possible path to results, or in the context of general-purpose sensitivity gain and system diagnosis. Examples of such uses may be: an analysis of failures rates (Poisson and LEYP models are available) and of risk of service interruption; a PI calculation (AWARE-P includes a full-fledged PI tool with the most up-to-date libraries); a water quality simulation, exploring the impact of alternative sites for a new rechlorination facility; or a fully hydraulic-enabled investigation of network component importance (aka ‘criticality’).

The software’s tools have been specifically developed to make the best available methods and analysis algorithms accessible for effective industry usage, retaining a maximum of simplicity in delivering meaningful and useable results.

The AWARE-P software is a web-based application that may be run on public or private server, or as a local, stand-alone deployment. It is implemented using the open-source Baseform development platform and materializes as a growing set of plug-in tool modules made available on that platform, taking advantage of its user management, common data integration services and next-generation 2D/3D visualization capabilities


Aware-Plan: An integrated approach

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